Ailbhe Finnerty

Ailbhe is a Research Associate for the Human Behaviour Change Project (HBCP). Her PhD, completed at the University of Trento, Italy, focused on how we can use more advanced research methodology and techniques for collecting and analysing data which can be useful for studying social behaviours and phenomenon. The aim was to examine psychological phenomenon, once carried out in the lab, in a wider social context, to be able to reliably and unobtrusively measure social behaviour, such as, communication and interaction through wearable sensors, social media and mobile phone data.

Prior to joining UCL she worked for a digital marketing agency where she had the opportunity to apply knowledge from her research on understanding human behaviour to real life business cases. She has research experience and an interest in wide range of topics, such as, behaviour change interventions, computational methods of understanding personality, social networking and social media, crowdsourcing and the virtual workplace, organisational psychology and the role of nonverbal behaviour in social settings.