Pietro Ghezzi

Role: Senior Programme Committee Member
Affiliation: Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Pietro is professor of Experimental Medicine and Director of Doctoral Studies at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, a joint venture of the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. Although his main interest is as a biochemical immunologist with a penchant for the use of proteomics and gene expression profiling, he has an interest in the use of biomedical information, experimental data and biomarkers, in formulating causality hypothesis and recently questioned the popular “oxidative stress theory of disease”.

Pietro is teaching information literacy and health information quality to second and fourth year medical students and is at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, educating them to assess the quality of the information about health that can be found on the Internet and the media. His recent studies on the quality of health information returned by Google have seen the use of cultural informatics, in collaboration with the Natural Language Processing Group at the University of Brighton , to detect patterns in online health news. He has published over 250 papers, mostly on the molecular mechanisms of inflammation and redox regulation.