Thomson Screening Solutions

Thomson Screening was formed by City, University of London to manage the ongoing development and global implementation of SchoolScreener® software. The company has also developed variants for Occupational Health under the name WorkScreener®.

For Health Services the software manages and automates all requirements for district-wide screening and healthcare programmes. It’s designed to comply with all national and local requirements and screening criteria. This may include the delivery of screening without requiring the screener to have specialist knowledge. It automates in-school and district-wide, all associated processes for screening, the NCMP and immunisation data management. Functionality includes administration, communications to parents, governance, management, clinical information and audit.

In the UK, SchoolScreener® has been used to manage over 800,000 screenings by NHS and other providers of Healthy Child Programmes in schools, commissioned by public health. They use it to automate processes region-wide, including pathway management and feedback from clinics about full clinical assessments.

Thomson Screening also provides software for education purposes (UK, from age 7 upwards, supported by Specsavers). Also, for occupational health, including screening and health needs assessments.