Luis Saboga Nunes


Luis Saboga Nunes (Lic Soc, MPH, PhD, EuHP), a health sociologist, teaches at the National School of Public Health (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) and is associated professor at the Institute of Sociology, University of Education Freiburg –  Germany. A certified European Health Promotion Practitioner (EuHP) (IUHPE) he is president of the Health Promotion Section at the European Public Health Association (EUPHA).

His research interest has focused on theoretical and evidence-based good practice in public health on health literacy, extensively discussed in the course “Health Paradigms, Salutogenesis and Public Health”. This has been the natural context for establishment of the salutogenesis paradigm within specific ICT public health interventions where health literacy is at stake. He is author and coordinator of several ICT applications in which information and knowledge management are key elements in easing the everyday burden of responsibility for health professionals and also promote citizens’ health literacy (