Cardiomo -the solution in remote patient monitoring

The project has been shortlisted for the DPH Innovation Prize 2019 – Best Data Driven Innovation

Team: Ksenia Belkina (Cariomo Care Inc.)

Outline: We have developed a new solution in Patient Monitoring. – wearable device remotely monitoring patient vitals and predicting critical cardiac events in real time. Today, Patient care delivery in hospitals is often inefficient, leading to high costs, less than desirable health outcomes and overworked staff. The Cardiac Monitors are meant for in-hospital use and require para medical staff for ambulatory monitoring. And Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), a rapidly growing healthcare segment, can be the key to driving down readmission rates. 

Cardiomo is a continuous real-time medical-grade cardiac monitor with AI engine that can help prevent life threatening events by early alerts for medical attention and ensuring better health through preventive care. Cardiomo enables patient remote monitoring and provides continuous cardiac monitoring. We provide new methods in Patient Monitoring both in and out of the hospital to reduce high costs and alleviate less than desirable health outcomes and overworked staff. We are capturing clinical data and providing analysis in real time and presenting this data for doctors online.