iPresc – Health information management with “entire trajectory” and “whole life” perspectives

This project has been shortlisted for the DPH Innovation Prize 2019 – Best Partnership

Team: Ahmed Yaogo (Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire Nord Ouest Vexin Val-d’Oise)

Outline: iPresc is an application dedicated to patients’ information digital management with “entire trajectory” and “whole life” perspectives. 
It has several sections: 1) “Emergency calls” that aims to accelerate care through simple actions using patients’ identity card data – gathering rescue and health professionals as well as family – in case of emergency; 2) Once in emergencies department, “One-Click Prescription” may be helpful for health professionals to identify the most appropriate prescription that accounts national and international guidelines – by introducing patients characteristics. A medical committee made up of medical specialists in all fields is responsible for drafting the content of the prescriptions. 3) Interactive maps about health laboratories and pharmacies are supposed to facilitate patient or his family itinerary. 4) Once the emergency is over, online “Medical Screening” section allows preventive medicine. 

iPresc may involve successful partnership and collaboration for mutual benefit for patients, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and biologists. 
Multiple benefits: 1) Social (avoid complex social situations in hospitals particularly in developing countries without social welfare). 2) Clinical (Data storage may be helpful for future diagnoses). 3) Therapeutic (Data storage may be helpful for pharmacovigilance). 4) Epidemiological (Reliable data with repeated measurements that may be helpful for health surveillance). 5) Management (successful partnership and collaboration for health professionals and administrative staff). 6) Economical (reduce diagnosis delay – thus more flexible and less expensive care – less repetition of exams – less medical wandering …). 7) Data science (massive Data storage may be contributive for future innovations). iPresc is designed using Python programming language with a proven and stable security system. It is available on Google Play or online (https://epresc.care/). It received approval from the Burkina Faso “Commission de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CIL)”, governmental commission overseeing ethical data collection.