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Erik Van Der Goot

Role: Senior Programme Committee
Affiliation: European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy


Erik is one of the original developers of Europe Media Monitor (EMM) and started work on open source monitoring and analysis early in 2002. He has developed many of the EMM components, is responsible for the overall system design and is still actively developing software. Work on the Internet Biosurveillance system MediSys started in 2004 and the system has been operational since 2005. Erik currently leads a team of more than 20 developers and researchers working on open source text information mining and analysis. His original degree is in Mechanical Engineering, he holds an MSc in Computer Science and has been developing software for many different fields and applications since 1978. Erik is Dutch and has worked in the Netherlands, 10 years in the UK and since 1994 at the JRC in Italy.

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