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Ilan Kelman

Role: Senior Programme Committee
Affiliation: UCL IRDR, UK

Ilan Kelman  (Twitter @IlanKelman) is a Reader in Risk, Resilience and Global Health at University College London, England (Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction and Institute for Global Health) and a researcher at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. His overall research interest is linking disasters and health, including the integration of climate change into disaster research and health research. This works covers three principal areas:

1. Peace and conflict: How and why disaster-related interventions (disaster diplomacy, including for climate-related hazards) and health-related interventions (health diplomacy, including pandemics) do and do not influence conflict and cooperation. See htwww.disasterdiplomacy.org

2. Island sustainability: Creating and maintaining safer and healthier communities on islands and in isolated areas, such as border, Arctic, and mountain communities. See www.islandvulnerability.org and Many Strong Voices.

3. Risk education: Increasing the effectiveness and impact of risk education, focusing on health and disaster risks, including climate change. See www.riskred.org

Post-disaster and cure-related investigations are an essential part of this research, but the preference is to prioritise continual disaster and health risk management in order to implement solutions before it is too late.

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