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Jean-Louis Koeck

Role: Invited Speaker


Jean-Louis KOECK is a medical doctor, professor in microbiology and epidemiology at the “Ecole du Val-de-Grâce� in Paris. He works currently as a vaccinology expert for the French military health service. He has built an experience on the diagnosis of tropical diseases and has been working several years in Africa. Among fields of research are the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases, genetic diversity assessment of bacteria and vaccinology. He coordinates the International French Course of Vaccinology and founded the web platform, that includes a smart electronic immunisation record shared between the people and the health professionals of their choice.

The Smart Vaccination Record of integrates a rule-based expert system directly updated by vaccinology professionals, which displays a personalized vaccine diagnostic shared between citizens and healthcare professionals. ensures the traceability of the vaccination history and contributes to the reconciliation of vaccine-related information, thus preventing vaccine hesitancy.

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