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Palakorn Achananuparp

Role: PhD Mentor
Affiliation: Singapore Management University

Aek (pronounced like ‘egg’) is a senior research scientist at Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC), Singapore Management University. His current projects involve the development of: (A) personalized healthy eating and behavioral change technology; and (B) large-scale food knowledge crowdsourcing. He received his Ph.D. from Drexel University (formerly the iSchool at Drexel) where his research focused on information retrieval and text mining problems, specifically, general-domain text summarization and factoid & complex question answering. Since joining LARC in 2011, he led the research and development of several social media analytics and online experimentation systems. His research interests include social media mining, social network analysis, web and text mining, personal informatics, digital health, crowdsourcing, and politics. He is also an avid runner and quantified self-practitioner.

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